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The Pluto Heresy

Protest Against the Prague Vote

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Basically, interesting space news will be posted here. It's not just about Pluto any more.
In 1930, the Solar System contained nine planets. On August 24, 2006, that tally was voted down to eight by members of the astronomical community.

What, they couldn't be bothered to count to nine? Or is nine one number too much for their brains to process?

This is the community for people of the scientific and other communities who believe that the decision taken in Prague was a hubristic folly dictated, not by sound science, but by politics and fashion. The universe does not change just because we voted on it.

If you, too, were incensed by the insanity that was perpetrated by these astronomers, post here, and keep the flame alive.

If the popularity of this notion begins to flag, I'll keep it alive for all those other ideas and concepts which have been "disproved" but still seem popular, like alchemy and democracy.