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Article: Take A Tour of The Solar System

An article rehashing the cobblers spurious argument set up by 4% of voters at the IAU conference almost five years ago.

Another Solar System article on "dwarf planets"

If IUPAC took leave of its senses and decided by a 4% vote to rename the elements of carbon, copper and sodium as "coalium," "redmetallium" and "bloodyhellwhatwasthatium," it ought to have no effect on what the rest of the world calls these elements - so all these articles trying to rationalise the ISU's specious nonsense are all propaganda, in a way.

We need to keep the flame going for the time being, until New Horizons arrives and we can get a good look at Pluto - then we can make our case and press the IAU for a proper vote on declaring Pluto a planet again.

Meanwhile, enjoy the article above.
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