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The Contributions of Laurel Kornfeld

A correspondent on LJ, laurele, maintains a pro-Pluto planet blog of her own on LJ and also on Blogspot. Here are her most recent posts. The news articles to which she has provided links will be posted in following entries here.

February 2 2011 post

February 18 2011 post celebrating the anniversary of the discovery of Pluto by Clyde Tombaugh

Mercury Has A Tail? Refutation of one of Mike Brown's arguments

A link to a report debating the pros and cons of the Pluto argument

A link to a report on an exoplanet system with two planets sharing the same orbit - more evidence knocking down Mike Brown's argument against Pluto having planet status

Read Laurel's blog, here or on Blogspot. And spread the word. Pluto deserves the title of planet.
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